Sunday, 1 February 2009

Tree of Life is live

The full six-minute video is now on the Tree of Life website. Don't forget to explore the interactive and sign up for updates.


  1. brilliant. I'm giving a talk on "Darwin, Science and Humanism". This will be a great intro to the talk!

  2. Have tried to use the Interactive Tree of Life but the thing does not seem to have anyway to zoom in when it is in 2D; and in 3D you can not see what is going on.

    Seems like a huge effort to build something that would be easier on a sheet of paper.

    Perhaps if you made the .FLA available the viewers could make work together to make a better one

  3. Hi,

    I've written a blog post about the Wellcome Interactive Tree of Life here. Love the video, not so struck on the tree.

    It would be great to clarify the licensing issue. Can or can't I remix this?

  4. Excellent video, excellent website, excellent interactive tree.

    Well done :D

  5. This brilliant video is part of a 1 hour BBC programme.

    Would it be possible to put up a video of the full 1 hour programme?

  6. The graphics are superb but the text is junk. Besides leading one to think that Aves and Mammalia appeared only after the transition to the Tertiary, and forgetting about land plants, it only feeds arguments to the 'Intelligent Design' sect.
    Is it on purpose that nothing is said about the genetic mechanisms of heritable variation, let alone the absence of any explicit reference to natural selection?
    It's a shame, isn't it?

  7. Looks like we got a bit carried away with pretty graphics and completely forgot about plants! Come on Wellcome Trust, I expect better.