Monday, 2 February 2009

Licensing and creative commons

How would you like your tree?

We're already having some questions on the blog about licensing for the graphic and associated assets. In short it's all available under some form of creative commons license, in one of two flavours:

The content currently up is all available under the license Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales (BY-NC-ND) which basically means you can use it but you can't make money off it and you can't mess with it (oh and please reference the site). If you're a teacher, work in a museum or are just an ordinary bod you can show it where you please.

Almost all of the ingredients will soon be available under (BY-NC-SA) which will allow remixes and so on. By ingredients we mean the animation *without* the voiceover and music and presenter. Also all of the images and animations that make it up and even the code that we used to generate it. You'll also be able to make and share your own trees. More on all of this later.


  1. Daniel,

    Thanks for clarifying the license issue.


  2. You're welcome. We'll patch the site soon. And please send any feedback and suggestions about how to share our content and routines most effectively.

  3. The Escherichia coli illustrations in the Tree of life are not E. coli. They are E. coli shaped, but E. coli does not form chains. The illustrators have got it wrong.


  4. Hi Daniel,
    The Eukaryotes do not share a common ancestor with Eubacteria but with Archaea.
    best regards
    Laurent Palka

  5. @Victoria: Thanks for your input -- yes, we were aware of that distinction when building the tree. However, in order to show that Eukaryota shares a more recent common ancestor than with Eubacteria, we would have to include a species of Archaea on the tree. Would you like to suggest a representative species to add?

    We would also need to settle on a best estimate of the Eukaryota-Archaea divergence date. If you are familiar with the literature on this subject, we would appreciate your input and advice!

  6. Thanks for the great work and making all this freely available and available for download too... school internet access can be debilitating at times!!!
    A fantastic set of resources, I look forward to hearing about the updates and additional resources for teachers.
    Many thanks, Jon Haines
    Curriculum Leader, Science - Longbenton Community College, North Tyneside

  7. With change in license to Share Alike, I would like to use a voice over in some regional languages spoken here. Am I reading the license correctly?