Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Evolution vodcasts from Research Councils UK

Research Councils UK have produced a series of ten minute videos about evolution topics, presented by Jeremy Pritchard from the University of Birmingham. Most include interviews with the researchers involved.

The first considers how Darwin's theories are being used to understand how our society works, shedding light on diverse topics from language to leadership.

Next, what is the impact of human species on other organisms and how much does it matter?

The third looks at directed evolution, exploring how modern molecular biology techniques are enabling scientists to evolve individual genes in the lab to suit a particular task.

Another looks at resistance and the arms race between pathogens constantly adapting to overcome their hosts, and the hosts that change to resist them.

Finally, there's a mop up of questions posed by readers about evolution, including the importance of natural selection on texting and giraffes:

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