Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Darwin 200 Photography Competition

Unfortunately not an opportunity to submit your finest beards for review, but a proper photography competition on 'Exploring and Investigating Nature'.

The judges are looking for photographs inspired by this theme. It’s a pretty wide remit, encompassing photos from far off countries to your own back garden, animals, plants, the local park, or museum. Some examples can be seen here.

Launched by The Horniman Museum, the Grant Museum of Zoology at UCL, the Institute of Biology, and the Wellcome Trust, the competition hopes to inspire the same spirit of curiosity that motivated Darwin throughout his life.
Charles Darwin's career was founded on his childhood fascination with the plants and animals on his own doorstep. This fascination took him around the world and led to an understanding of life that has shaped the modern world.
The winners from each category and a 'Best in Show' will be exhibited at the Horniman Museum in London. Deadline for entries is 11 October 2009 and more details can be found at the competition’s webpage.


  1. Can't bleeding upload my images. Very disappointed!

  2. Beautiful blog.Thanks for sharing.