Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Darwin: the graphic novel

Ever wondered what Darwin would look like in comic form? Wonder no longer.

Darwin: a Graphic Biography is a free 100-page comic by Simon Gurr and Eugene Byrne published as part of the Lost World Read 2009 project. It covers, as the name suggests, all the major events in Darwin’s life – from his youth, to the Beagle voyage and writing On the Origin of Species – in beautifully illustrated form.

Some of the pages are available to view on Flickr.

For more information, read Karen James post over at the excellent Beagle Project blog (where I first heard of this).

Not sure if there are still copies available (I am coming to this news rather late… ^^;) but if so, they are only available via downloadable coupon in a few regions (see Simon Gurr’s website for details)

Image credit: Flickr/Simon_Gurr

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